The Fintech Venturing Toolkit

What is Finstack?

FinStack is a Fintech Venturing Toolkit to make your finance innovation scalable from day one. It is an open venturing service and a program for developers of innovative technology around finance. FinStack combines all the necessary skills and resources from business development to technology and beyond.

FinStack is produced by Helsinki Fintech Farm and its first-class partners.

Who is it for?

  • Entrepreneurs taking their first steps in fintech and looking for guidance and partners
  • Established fintech companies looking for growth and to improve employee knowledge and training
  • Financial institutions aiming to create new innovations and services

How does it work?

FinStack is always alive as a network and a community of fintech enthusiasts.  Based on your company needs, we can also provide a tailored training experience upon request.

FinStack Bootcamp is a 2-day intensive program summarizing everything you need to know in terms of technology, business and regulation to build new financial services. The program suits companies of various sized and is updated each year to cover the most recent shifts in the realm financial services.

Solution providers

Here are our first-class partners.


  • All
  • Financial Services
  • Regulation
  • Strategy
  • Technology

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is the leading cloud technology provider for the financial industry. Powering companies like Holvi, OP, and Enfuce, AWS is both scalable and easy to use service for fintech. As an AWS Activate partner, we can get you started on Amazon cloud for free.

Financial Services

Danske Bank

Danske Bank is one of the leading banks in Nordics with specialized services and products for startups and growth companies. The experts of Growth & Impact Unit provide growth support, funding, mentoring and networking opportunities.



Deloitte offers our pool of local professionals and leading world wide capabilities to support you to develop your business and make it global.


Dittmar & Indrenius

Finland’s only Band 1 Fintech Law Firm. Transaction and Innovation Powerhouse, that helps clients from established financial institutions and stock companies to early-stage startups with their legal matters.



Enfuce is Finland’s biggest fintech start-up and one of the fastest growing fintech companies in the Nordics. We enable our customers to build their own solutions, help them reach compliance and empower them to succeed.


Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority

Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority Innovation Help Desk advises on permits, registration and other authorization issues.

Financial Services


Nordea is the largest financial group in the Nordic countries and a keen innovator and partner for fintechs worldwide. Their Startup and Growth unit focuses on fast growth companies, providing loans, support and mentoring while Nordea Open Banking platform allows access to a growing number of APIs.



Tink’s open banking platform lets you access a broad range of high-quality financial data from banks across Europe through a single API. So you can provide smart financial services – or engaging new customer experiences.



Visa is a global payments technology company working to enable consumers, businesses, banks and governments to use digital currency.

Financial Services


As one of the largest financial groups in the world, Citi’s mission is to harness the power of their global network to help people, businesses, and communities thrive in a world of technological, behavioral, and societal change.


Nomura Research Institute

NRI is a management consulting and IT service company in Japan. They have a strong position in the security and financial services industry in Japan, and connection to local banks.



Google Cloud Platform, offered by Google, is a suite of cloud computing services that runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its end-user products, such as Google Search, Gmail and YouTube.



HubSpot is the one-stop tool for all customer-facing teams. HubSpot for startups offers education resources, training and professional software in startup-friendly pricing.



Calqulate is a cashflow forecasting and financial analytics software for SaaS and other digital businesses. Calqulate aggregates data from 150+ applications, automating financial forecasting from sales funnel analytics, revenue and expenditure forecasts up to cashflow forecasting.


Being part of an active network of industry pioneers and developers makes you stronger. On top of gaining access to top specialists in their respective fields, by taking part in FinStack program, you’ll meet peers and like-minded people to share ideas, innovations and learnings.


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