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6 Revolutionary Finnish Fintech Companies

Some weeks ago, we started to scout for the most revolutionary fintech company of 2019 in Finland through a public poll.

After a tight competition, we ended up picking 6 fairly different type of finalists, which were: Bankify, cloudasset, Invesdor, Mash, Prasos and Tomorrow Tech.

From these candidates, our jury, consisting of fintech investors and other experts, will pick the winner in the finals, held at Future Digital Finance Forum on October 22nd.

The jury will pay attention to contestants’ vision, innovation, entrepreneurship and scalability.

Read more about these six revolutionary companies below:
Values are in thousand euros

What: Customer-centric mobile banking solutions as microservices to financial institutions
Founded: 2016
Chairman of the Board: Tero Lappalainen
Owned by: Founders, investors and personnel
Revenue 2018: 10
Revenue Growth: 912%
Profit 2018: -205
Revenue H1/2019: 19 (full-year forecast: 204)
Profit H1/2019: -52 (full-year forecast -127)
Employees: 15

What: National scale digital payment ecosystems
Founded: 2014
CEO: Hasan Malik
Owned by: Founders
Revenue 2018: 1 143
Revenue Growth: +64%
Profit 2018: 336
Revenue H1/2019: 600
Profit H1/2019: 50
Employees: 16

What: Digital fundraising and investing platform
Founded: 2012
CEO: Lasse Mäkelä
Owned by: Founders and investors
Revenue 2018: 1 560
Revenue Growth: +53%
Profit 2018: -636
Employees: 35

What: Fast and flexible payments and credits
Founded: 2007
CEO: Gaëtan Van Wynsberghe
Owned by: Board and acting management owned 37,5% on 31.12.2018. More than 1500 shareholders.
Revenue 2018: 34 500
Revenue Growth: +110%
Profit 2018: 8 600
Revenue H1/2019: 19 900
Profit H1/2019: 6 000
Employees: 140

What: Leading cryptocurrency broker service in the Nordic countries
Founded: 2012
CEO: Heidi Hurskainen
Owned by: Founder and investors
Revenue 2018/6: 4 626
Revenue Growth: +350%
Profit 2018/6: 1 488
Employees: 23

Tomorrow Tech
What: Digital product studio behind the digital housing trade platform DIAS
Founded: 2016
CEO: Sami Honkonen
Owned by: 98,5% työntekijöillä
Revenue 2018: 1 391
Revenue Growth: +475%
Profit 2018: 431
Employees: 9

All the finalists will pitch to our judges and audience in the finals held at Future Digital Finance Forum in the evening of October 22nd in Helsinki.

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