Deal Flow

Increase your fundraising and sales

What Deal Flow?

Fintech Farm Deal Flow Program is a service, where Fintech Farm connects its clients with potential investors and industrial customers through Fintech Farm’s global network. The service is customized based on the fintech’s needs, identified when joining the program.

Our network consists of investors and financial institutions from Northern Europe, Central Europe and Asia. Our network of partners is expanding steadily globally.

Join our Deal Flow Program to expand your fundraising and customer acquisition reach beyond your home market.

Enabling new connections

Potential partners ranging from financial institutions to service providers and beyond


Supporting growth

The Helsinki Fintech Farm Deal Flow program is made of three components:

  • Enabling new connections
  • Due Diligence Support
  • Business Development coaching

Participating fintechs receive tickets to events, support from our FinStack partners and free onboarding to the DD-Ready™ Platform.

Participant fintechs are also introduced to our partner financial institutions, service providers and investors, as well as to all the investors and potential partners we meet around the year.

Simple structure

  • Gain an investment? Great, congratulations! We receive a referral fee

  • No investment ► no fees to pay

  • No exclusivity

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