Fintech Farm member- and partnerships provide you with front row seats to the fintech development in the Nordics. Through our network, you are more likely to find potential customers, partners and investors, and through our knowledge, you will always be one step ahead.

Fintech Companies

  • Get help from Fintech Farm and partners to start and grow your business
  • Enjoy free tools and technology to develop your products and services
  • Receive updates from the fintech ecosystem
  • Enjoy free meetups and trainings, including the Fintech Bootcamp
  • Meet key influencers and investors
  • Claim other significant discounts and offers

Annual membership price for fintech companies is 0 to 1000€ depending on company size. Fill in the application for a membership

Financial Institutions

  • Collaborate with all the future digital finance stakeholders
  • Work closely with startups in an open innovation setting
  • Gain international visibility as an innovation-friendly institution
  • Meet top international finance influencers
  • Learn and adopt startup culture and agility across the organization

Service Providers

  • Be the trusted go-to-partner of the fintech ecosystem in Finland
  • Have access to real use cases from fintechs and startups
  • Unique opportunity to coach startup and corporate teams in our fintech accelerator
  • Build closer global networks with international partners
  • Use the opportunity to host regular top fintech events at your own office
  • Disseminate news and articles to target audience through Helsinki Fintech channels


  • Get regular updates on fintech funding rounds and companies looking to raise money
  • Access our fintech database with detailed information on regional fintech companies
  • Enjoy the ease of meeting fintech companies with the help of Fintech Farm
  • Possibility to run innovation programs and access to the best in class new fintech
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