Startups and growth companies

As member of the Helsinki Fintech you will get access to regular meetings with top finance influencers and fintech investors.

The hub staff is there to organise your meetings with regulators, investors and partners and to ensure the maximum leverage of your membership.

The membership is a unique opportunity to build and maintain a first class network of like-minded industry pioneers, collaborate with startups, financial institutions and big global corporations.

As member of the hub you will experience the ease of meetings with people you otherwise would have to work hard for.


Banks and Financial Service Providers

Unique opportunity to

  • Collaborate with all the future digital finance stakeholders
  • Work closely with startups in an open innovation setting
  • Gain international visibility as an innovation-friendly institution
  • Meet top international finance influencers
  • Learn and adopt startup culture and agility across the organization


Service Providers

  • Be the trusted go-to-partner of the fintech ecosystem in Finland
  • Have access to real use cases from fintechs and startups
  • Unique opportunity to coach startup and corporate teams in our fintech accelerator
  • Build closer global networks with international partners
  • Use the opportunity to host regular top fintech events at your own office
  • Disseminate news and articles to target audience through Helsinki Fintech channels

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