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Aug 25

Nordic Fintech Trends 2021 – #Norway

The Nordic Fintech Alliance presents the Nordic Fintech Trends event where we will deep dive into the Norwegian fintech ecosystem.

Sep 15

Nordic Fintech Trends 2021 – #Finland

The Nordic Fintech Alliance presents the Nordic Fintech Trends event where we will deep dive into the Finnish fintech ecosystem.

Oct 13

Future Digital Finance Forum

In October 2021, Future Digital Finance Forum will return and bring together the financial industry decision-makers to pragmatically discuss strategies for the future of finance. This time we will focus especially on market differentiation and cost savings. No thought leaders – just real bankers and industry experts.

Connecting corporations, startups and authorities, Future Digital Finance Forum has been providing a platform to discuss the future of the finance industry since 2016.

Clarion Hotel Helsinki, Tyynenmerenkatu 2, 00220 Helsinki

Past events

Jun 16

How to launch a winning payment card (with Pleo)

Partner event

Tune in and learn:

  • How to define objectives for your card business
  • Tips and things to consider when designing your card product
  • How to find the right service partner
  • How Pleo successfully launched their payment card
Jun 10

Mcb tech.21

Partner event

Once again, It’s time to get a tech update from some of the brightest minds in the industry. Join us for an out-of-the-ordinary, virtual studio experience with a stellar line-up of world-renowned expertise on innovation and the future of technology.


Jun 3

Nordic Fintech Trends 2021 – #Impact

The Nordic Fintech Alliance presents the Nordic Fintech Trends event where we will deep dive into how fintech solutions help solve many of the global sustainability goals.

May 27

FinanceEstonia – What does it take to succeed in Finland?

Partner event

What are the opportunities and challenges of entering and growing your fintech in Finland? FinanceEstonia together with Helsinki Fintech Farm is trying to figure it out.

May 25

5 ways to grow with payment cards, and why do it

Partner event

  • Concrete insights on how to build a business case for payment cards
  • Tips for a successful card product design
  • 5 successful case examples of payment cards across Europe (neobank, payroll, lending, business spending, subscription)
Apr 22

Fintech: Helsinki meets Luxembourg

In a changing world and an ever-changing financial sector, connecting two of Europe’s leading fintech hubs is an entry point for potential synergies between startups and investors. Let’s connect the dots and start the conversation together.

What are the specificities of the two financial capitals and the essential innovative solutions? Who are the entrepreneurs, investors and key players in the ecosystems?

This day is devoted to networking through a dedicated matchmaking platform on which you can schedule business appointments and a series of relevant interventions not to be missed.

Apr 14

Nordic Fintech Trends 2021 – Denmark

The Nordic Fintech Alliance has created the Nordic Fintech Trends 2021 series to present the latest trends in Nordic Fintech. Each session includes an update from each hub and then a deep dive into one of the countries. The first session will focus on the Danish ecosystem.

Apr 14

Meet & Greet with the Finnish Fintech Community

Fintech Farm, Helsinki Business Hub and Fintech Finland partners with FinTech Connector to bring our communities together for a member Meet & Greet in our very successful speed networking event that enables you to meaningfully connect with members from these organizations through multiple rounds of five-minute, one-on-one conversations.

The purpose of these one-on-one conversations is to open dialogue and learn more about the vibrant fintech innovation ecosystem that FinTech Connector and Finland offers.

Mar 17

Nordic Fintech Summit

Transforming Banking

Nordic Fintech Summit brings together leading Nordic financial institutions, fintechs, regulators and other experts to discuss the most current topics, and share their practical experiences in the rapidly changing financial industry. The tracks for 2021 are Strategy & Disruption, Core & Cloud Banking, Payments & Commerce and Fintech & Transformation.

Feb 16

Virtual: RegTech Day

The financial industry is changing, and at the same time, the regulatory and compliance burden is getting heavier. How to turn regulation to an advantage?

Regtech Day brings together international regulation technology success stories about risk management, modern approaches to data management and sheds light on the development of future requirements.

This three-day online event gives you access to the latest insights, practical use cases and a network of colleagues working in financial regulation and technology.

16.02. - 18.02.2021
Feb 9

STHLM Fintech Week

Partner Event

Sthlm Fintech Week is an annual event bringing together thought-leaders to foster new connections and enhance collaboration. During the event, participants can deep dive in different fintech verticals, meet hundreds of world-class experts and participants joining forces and sharing their experience.

Sthlm Fintech Week 2021 will be hosted digitally during February 9 – 10.

9.02. - 10.02.2021
Jan 13

Monetizing Open Banking: Part 2

Have you ever seen an Open Banking presentation without understanding where the business and money are? So have we.

Popular Monetizing Open Banking is coming back with new real open banking business cases. Instead of hype and theory, we will be showcasing concrete examples of API banking value creation across the Nordics – PSD2 and beyond.

Dec 16

Taking advantage of open banking: it’s more than a mindset

Partner Event
Tink Out Loud #4 – Live Session

We’ve seen that financial institutions across Europe are investing big in the open banking opportunity – but is there anything getting in the way when it comes to realising open banking objectives and optimising investments?

In this fourth session, we will find out:

  • In which areas C-level executives are feeling particularly confident
  • How the views in the product organisation typically differ from other departments
  • What steps institutions can take to get the most value from their efforts
Dec 15

Santa’s Christmas Pitch: Partner Event

Exciting new free online event for Finnish startup ecosystem and international investors to connect in a Christmas spirit. Finnish startups pitching to local and international investors, wrapping up 2020 on a positive note. Pitching, networking, workshops, round tables and the Christmas Party.

15.12. - 16.12.2020
Dec 9

World Fintech Festival in Finland

As part of the Singapore FinTech Festival 2020, Fintech Farm, together with Helsinki Business Hub, The Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Business Finland and NewCo Helsinki will be hosting the World FinTech Festival in Finland on December 9th! The event comes with several interesting keynote speeches, sustainability-themed panel discussion, and the Revolutionary Fintech of the Year Finals.

Nov 6

Laskulla maksamisen mahdollisuudet ja riskit

Partner event

Psykoterapiakeskus Vastaamoon tapahtuneen tietomurron seurauksena laskupalvelut nähdään nyt uudessa valossa. Vakavan tietomurron takia mahdollisuudet identiteettivarkauteen sekä ulkopuolisen tekemiin luottokorttihankintoihin ja pikavippinostoihin kasvoivat hetkessä 40 000 ihmisen osalta.

Oct 23

Becoming a card issuer in 2020s

Are you thinking about issuing your own payment card?
Are you already a card issuer, but struggling with costs and legacy technologies?
Or are you just interested in payments and fintech?

Join this session with leading experts and real cases to learn about issuing cards in a modern way – the 2020s way!

Oct 19

Arctic15 – Fintech Track

The matchmaking & networking event for startups, businesses & investors is held this year online on October 19th-21st. Fintech Farm will own the Fintech Track on the 19th and bring in the most exciting fintechs, investors and bankers.

Sep 23

What’s driving open banking investments?

Partner Event
Tink Out Loud #3 – Live Session

In this third session, it’s time to find out where the money is going. We’ll go through our survey results revealing what use cases most institutions are investing their budgets in. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn how your business could also benefit from open banking.

Sep 22

Monetizing Open Banking

Have you ever seen an Open Banking presentation without understanding where the business and money are? So have we.

Open Banking has been one of the biggest buzzwords in the financial industry for years, but where are the real use cases and earning models?

Monetizing Open Banking will be showcasing concrete examples of API banking value creation across the Nordics – PSD2 and beyond.

Sep 15

Copenhagen Fintech Week Global

Partner event

This two days virtual conference is focused on Nordic strengths such as sustainability, finance, innovation, and tech and offers insightful keynotes, interesting discussions, exclusive sessions, demos, and curated content.

15.09. - 16.09.2020
Aug 27

Regulation Spotlight: Fundraising 101

Are you about to raise funding?

Join this Fintech Farm, Dittmar & Indrenius and DD-Ready webinar to discuss fundraising, the do’s and don’ts, and how to ensure smooth discussions with investors.

Jun 3

The investments & returns of open banking

Partner Event
Tink Out Loud #2 – Live Session

In this second session, we’ll dig further into the results of our latest survey. Join to find out how much financial institutions are investing in open banking, how they will measure success, and how they’re looking to profit from it.

May 7

Future Digital Finance Forum 9

The theme for Future Digital Finance Forum on May 7th is Fintech in Corporate and Business Banking.

We will once again fill the stage with the most interesting banking executives and fintech entrepreneurs.

Mar 11

FinStack – Fintech Venturing Bootcamp

Super popular FinStack – Fintech Venturing Bootcamp is again in March. As a part of the FinStack – The Fintech Venturing Toolkit, this bootcamp is suitable for both fintech companies and development teams from banks, who want to learn how to build and scale digital finance solutions.

11.03. - 12.03.2020
Pohjoisesplanadi 25 A Helsinki, 00100 Finland
Feb 27

RegTech Day

How to stay competitive in a fast-moving regulatory environment?

The financial industry is rapidly changing and getting disrupted. At the same time, the regulatory and compliance burden is increasingly getting more complex. How to keep up with the pace of the change, and still manage the risks, and be compliant in an effective way? The answer is technology.

RegTech Day 2020 brings together financial institutions, regulators, innovators and technology providers for a full day of compliance innovation and real-life solutions. We have taken the most current topics within the finance industry and have sought to find new ways to solve them or get clarity around them.


Dittmar & Indrenius, Pohjoisesplanadi 25, 00100 Helsinki
Nov 21

Helsinki Fintech Pool

Slush brings thousands of interesting people to Helsinki every year, but how to catch up with all the relevant ones?

Finding a needle in a haystack requires too much time and luck. That’s why we are organizing a fintech side-event, where you will get all the contacts you need in one place.

Helsinki Fintech Pool, is an exclusive, invitation-only event, that brings together the most important fintech entrepreneurs, banking executives and fintech investors. The evening consists of food and drinks, networking, music, sauna and swimming in hot and seawater pools.

Allas Sea Pool, Katajanokanlaituri 2a Helsinki, 00160