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Fintech Farm is the fintech hub of Helsinki operated by HUB13. Our mission is to provide the Finnish finance industry an international platform for innovation, by bringing together financial institutions, fintech companies, regulators, service providers and fintech investors.

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Swedish Cloud-Based Core Banking Platform Entering the Finnish Market

Swedish Cloud-Based Core Banking Platform Entering the Finnish Market

With 15 Swedish banks and financial companies already using our state-of-the-art cloud-based core banking platform, we decided to venture in entering the Finnish market. It is evident there is also a need in Finland for a modern bank solution delivered as a Service....

Fintech in mortgages and real estate-backed loans

Fintech in mortgages and real estate-backed loans

Quick, seamless and hassle-free are hardly the words used to discuss the normal mortgage process in Finland. This is despite the fact that 2019 has been a good year for mortgage issuers, with May-July period showing an increase of 7% in new mortgages from 2018*. The...

6 Revolutionary Finnish Fintech Companies

6 Revolutionary Finnish Fintech Companies

Some weeks ago, we started to scout for the most revolutionary fintech company of 2019 in Finland through a public poll. After a tight competition, we ended up picking 6 fairly different type of finalists, which were: Bankify, cloudasset, Invesdor, Mash, Prasos and...



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