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The Nordic Fintech Hubs join forces

The Nordic fintech scene is an exciting place to be right now, with a vibrant start-up environment and active financial institutions eager to engage and contribute to the growth of the ecosystem. The Nordic region is the second largest fintech community in Europe.

However, it is not only young, innovative companies that drive fintech growth in the Nordics. The region in general boasts a high level of digital readiness and a population open to using the latest technologies. All Nordic countries have been quick to embrace digital banking and electronic payments, placing them among the most cashless societies in the world.

During 2016/2017 all the Nordic countries have established several fintech hubs/clusters and initiatives that now come together and collaborate on an open and inclusive platform. The specific activities under this initiative will be identified through dialogue and consultation. As for now, the scope of the Nordic collaboration is – but not limited to:

  • General knowledge sharing across the countries
  • Regular meetings between the hubs arranged as “Nordic hub Meetups” in the different countries/cities
  • Helping startups scale in the Nordics and gain market traction
  • Share events and market them to the national ecosystem
  • Shared global delegation visits to other ecosystems and fintech hubs
  • Joint Nordic events, conferences and branding in general to attract both investors and talent
  • Joint project applications for activities within the above-mentioned scope

We are all extremely happy that this next step is taken and look forward to collaborating and accelerate Nordic fintech to the next level.

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