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Most significant fintech employers in Finland 2019

In our Finnish Fintech Landscape, we have already listed companies by their industry, revenue and funding. Now, we will have a look at how much the fintech companies in Finland employ.

Oldest financial technology companies have been around for decades already, and actually the oldest one, Basware is also the biggest employer with an employee count of 1400.

As the bigger fintech boom is just a fairly new phenomenon, more than a third (35,2%) of the approximately 160 domestic fintech companies have only one to five workers, as they are still ramping up. Only 12,4% of companies have more than 50 staff.

Fintech companies divided by employee count

The total employee count for all of the companies is somewhere above 6500, meaning that the top 5 companies employ more than half of the total labor. Companies founded since 2010 (116) employs 1400.

Biggest fintech employers in Finland

This article covers only the people working in fintech companies. Nowadays banks have lots of in-house experts. For instance, OP Financial Group only has almost 1000 software and services developers. Also, bigger software consulting houses such as Tieto are significant employers in the field meaning that put together, the amount of people working with financial technology outside fintech companies is counted in thousands.

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