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Launch your fintech in Finland

Are you looking to set up or scale your fintech company to Finland?

Few reasons why it’s a great idea

Happiest country in the world (2018-2023)

Soundest banks in the world (2018)

Member of EU, Eurozone and banking union

Helsinki 2nd best city for startups (2019)

Most VC investments per GDP in startups in Europe (2019)

The 3rd most innovative country in the world (2019)

Most Digital Economy in the EU (2019)

The most stable country in the world (2019)

How can we help you?

Landscape information

  • We constantly monitor the fintech environment in Finland and maintain up-to-date facts and figures
  •  We provide information relevant to your business need, so just ask and you will receive access to new opportunities

Meet & greet tours

  • If you are considering Finland’s fit for your business, let’s organize a visit
  • Inform us of your plans & ask for information
  • We can arrange meetings with local ecosystem participants based on your interests

Soft landing services

  • Branching out to Finland? We can make your journey easier with the help of our partners
  • We support in your legal, advisory and general needs by connecting you to the right people at the right time

Network & visibility

  • Promote your services and solutions via our extensive network
  • Opportunity to have visibility in events, newsletters and various other forums
  • Get access to our network ranging from industry leaders to government

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