Aug 25

Boost your marketing and digital sales skills in fintech

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14:00 - 14:45



Creative marcoms & digital sales in Fintech & Financial Services

Exploring the relevancy of creativity and the purpose of marketing in Fintech. Marketing is by its very nature creative. Marketing helps increase the perceived value of a product in the marketplace and companies often fail to effectively even communicate their existing product. Communicating the product and benefits in a clear way is fundamental for new customer acquisition.

Understanding the costs and relevant modern marketing technologies are necessary for a modern, efficient Demand Funnel to exist but these technologies are not always cheap. In most cases the costs of martech to appropriate team structure and the budgeting for marketing and PR are part of the same budget. Here we come to explore the cross road where (digital) sales teams works efficiently with marketing.

Communicating new product features to existing clients is fundamental for retaining existing customers. In this webinar we will further explore the appropriate mix of marketing technologies available for developing a Demand Funnel that works.


Nikke Osterback

Saari Ltd


SaaS CFO and financial advisor for tech startups | 20 years of experience in accounting and finance | Finance director in Luxembourg and Geneva | Financial advisory in 10 countries | 5 years of experience in accounting service industry