Aug 25

Boost your marketing and digital sales skills in fintech

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14:00 - 14:45



Creative marketing and digital sales for financial industry

Marketing helps to increase the perceived value of a product on the market and companies often fail in that. Communicating the product and benefits in a clear way is fundamental for new customer acquisition, but also for retaining existing customers.

Understanding the costs and modern marketing technologies are crucial for a modern, efficient Demand Funnel. In most cases the costs for martech, the appropriate team and advertising come from the budget. This is where it is critical to make the (digital) sales team to work seamlessly with marketing.

Join this free webinar on August 25th to:

  • Understand the digital sales and marketing challenge in the international fintech & financial services market in a big picture.
  • Use of marketing technologies as the backbone of your demand funnel as well as the inbound and outbound marketing tactics to generate high quality leads.
  • Ensure your budgeting matches your current company size and growth trajectory looking at both internal team structures against wider budget requirements.
  • Internalise the relevancy of brand and clear communications in the international Fintech / Financial Services marketplace. Let’s discuss why a great product is never enough!


Nikke Osterback is a seasoned SaaS CFO and financial advisor for tech startups, who also holds 20 years of experience in accounting and finance. He is the founder and owner of Saari Ltd, a London based marketing agency, that has been helping companies like Railsr (formerly Rails Bank), Visa and Novopayment.