Oct 13

Communicate internationally – What small businesses with international ambitions should know about communication

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13:00 - 14:00



Are you planning on growing your company internationally?


Or maybe launching a new venture with international growth in mind?

To get the message across in an international environment, your communication plan needs to live up to your business ambitions.

International communication tends to be tricky. Each market needs a tailored approach, and it’s easy to get lost among all the available options. 

Failed communication plans lead to frustration, stagnated growth, and lost business opportunities.

Don’t let that happen to your business. Join our webinar Communicate internationally – What small businesses need to know about international communication. 


We’ll take you through the rocky waters of international business communication and talk about

  • Why do so many businesses fail when reaching for international markets.
  • Which are the most common mistakes made in the early stages of international growth.
  • How to avoid those speed bumps.
  • What it takes to set your company up for success from day one.

During the Q&A you’ll have a chance to ask your most burning questions and learn from other participants’ stories.


Secure your place and set your company up for international business success!

The webinar takes place online on Oct 13, 2021, at 2 pm (Eastern European Summer Time, GMT +3).


Who are we? Your guides on your journey towards international success come from Ahjo Communications agency:

Pauliina Rasi is a communication consultant and copywriter for mission-driven businesses. Her super skill is to turn a company’s mission and message into content that attracts the attention of a wider audience and turns them into clients.

Eva Torra is international communication and branding expert. She is a real wizard in building purposeful brands and knows how to seamlessly combine business and communication goals.

Join us on October 13 at 2 pm (Eastern European Summer Time, GMT +3).