Nov 30

Slush party – Helsinki Fintech Loop

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18:00 -

Slush brings thousands of interesting people to Helsinki every year, but how to catch up with all the relevant ones?


Finding a needle in a haystack requires too much time and luck. That’s why we are organizing THE fintech side-event, where you will find the best contacts while having the most fun.

Helsinki Fintech Loop is an exclusive event that brings together the most important fintech entrepreneurs, banking executives and fintech investors. we will head to an Asian athmospere at the Sing and Pore karaoke nightclub. Enjoy the food, drinks, company, and entertainment – and of course the Finnish karaoke experience 🎤


Dress code: party

Where? Sing & Pore at the heart of Helsinki.

When? November 30th at 18-01

Who? 200-300 people consisting of fintech entrepreneurs, fintech-focused bankers, and fintech investors worldwide.

Why? Best contacts, best party!


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