Fintech Berlin 2024 x Finland

Join us at the Fintech Berlin 2024 fair (FIBE) at a Digital Payments from Finland stand on April 24th and 25th.

FIBE 2024


The Fintech Berlin 2024 fair (FIBE) will take place on 24th and 25th of April 2024 in the congress and exhibition arena CityCube in Berlin. The fair is organized by Handelsblatt, Berlin Finance Initiative (BFI) and Messe Berlin. FIBE 2024 focuses on the European market and promotes cooperation and innovation in the technology and financial sectors. Thus Fintech companies from all around Europe are invited to present themselves on the event. Visitors to the event can participate in discussions, workshops and other events related to trends and developments in the fintech industry. Around 2 000 visitors mainly from German banks, the local fintech industry and investor community and more than 100 speakers are expected at the event.

FIBE 2024

Offer to Finnish fintechs

Digital Payments from Finland stand

A stand with minimum five and up to eight Finnish payments companies is planned for the event. The stand package includes getting assigned a table with chairs on the stand, participating in a daily session of quick presentations/pitches of each company on the stand, bringing the company’s own visibility to the FIBE event’s social media and website, as well as one exhibitor pass. The stand package includes a 50% attendance at the stand, i.e. each table is planned to be shared by two companies. The timely coordination of which is scheduled later by the stand coordinator. Fintechs can bring along their presentation, their own laptop, a roll-up and can run their demo on their table.

The event is held in English and is a great opportunity to present your payments company outside the Nordics and specifically to a German audience. The Fintech Festival features a networking / speed dating area, a range of larger company stands and seating areas in the catering zones for further meetings and discussions with business partners and fellow Fintechies
The stand is organized and coordinated on-site by oy in collaboration with the Helsinki Fintech Farm. Messuille Oy implements the stand’s physical elements and technical orders.


Finnish Fintechs in digital payments are invited to pre-register for participation on the stand by February 29, 2024. In case of more than eight pre-registrations, the stand coordination is selecting companies based on previous experience in the German market or capability to do business in it, a diverse founder team and uniqueness of payment offering.



A decision by Business Finland to support Finnish start-ups with up to 50% of event cost is expected by mid-February. Messuille Oy informs Business Finland of the pre-registered companies.

If less than 5 companies confirm their pre-registration after Feb 29, 2024, the joint stand will need to be cancelled. If there are more than 5 companies that confirm their pre-registration, a binding agreement with Messuille Oy is formed with each of the up to 8 pre-registered companies by March 8, 2024. See the terms & conditions of Messuille Oy here.


For further information about the event and the stand opportunity, please contact Mikko Rieger, [email protected].

Join the Digital Payments from Finland stand

  • A table with three chairs and electricity on the common Fintech from Finland stand
  • Logo visibility on the FIBE website and on the FIBE event social media postings
  • Participation in the daily company quick presentation/pitch session, 10 mins per company
  • One exhibitor event pass
  • Event assistance prior to the event, e.g. information coordination for Business Finland event support and on-site at the event

PRICE: €4 570 + VAT / company


NOTE: Startups can also apply for a pitch (2 minutes) on the Main Stage. Please find further information here.



  • Additional event ticket: €600
  • Roll-up (85 x 200 cm) from ready-to-print file delivered to the stand: €150
  • Business Finland event support application done by Messuille Oy: €450
Digital Payments from Finland stand



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