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Building Real Collaboration

No PR buzz, No Awards, No-Nonsense

Future Impact Builder is a digital finance innovation program to co-create sustainable services together with Aktia, PostNord Strålfors, Veritas, and external innovators, such as technology companies and fintechs. Unlike other similar initiatives, this program is not for the sake of PR buzz or fancy awards, but instead to actually collaborate and create real business value.
We are looking for companies to join the program, to build tomorrow’s sustainable finance together.


Wealth Management

What new services could provide customers with a better overall understanding of their financial situation and encourage them to save and invest more responsibly and sustainably?

We are looking for solutions particularly in:

  • Responsible saving – Personal finance management and goal setting
  • Sustainable investing – Investment product ratings and ESG reporting
  • Saving for retirement – Pension estimate available anytime

Wellbeing at Work

One of our society’s most costly issue is disability. How can new services help entrepreneurs and employees maintain their health and financial stability while preventing disability?

We are looking for solutions particularly in:

  • Disability prevention – Assessing risk groups from big data
  • Supporting entrepreneurs and employees financially through additional services

Corporate Commerce and Finance

Invoicing, payments and financing are what keeps businesses up and running. What type of modern solutions could help companies’ everyday life?

We are looking for solutions particularly in:

  • Modern payment solutions – Electronic invoicing, payment initiation and other Open Banking solutions
  • Sustainable financing

And other relevant ideas


Get to know the partners

Aktia provides private individuals, corporate customers and institutions with customer-oriented banking and financing solutions, based on close consultancy, through different channels. Aktia has been creating wealth and wellbeing for 200 years. Our vision is to be “The good bank. And a great asset manager”. The individual needs of each customer are the starting point of everything we do. We are an agile bank of just the right size. That means that we are small enough to be fast in our movements and big enough to be able to follow through courageous and significant change project. Aktia serves over 270 000 private customers and 20 000 corporate and institutional customers.

PostNord Strålfors develops and provides communication solutions that give companies with many customers and suppliers completely new opportunities to create stronger and more personal customer relationships. With our digital platform, we deliver seamless communication, regardless of which channels the recipient requires. PostNord Strålfors is part of the PostNord Group – a leading provider of communication and logistics services in the Nordic region. PostNord Strålfors has operations in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, where our 700 employees generated sales of SEK 2 billion (2020).

Practicing sustainability at PostNord Strålfors:

Conducting a sustainable business is crucial to the planet as well as our success. It affects work at all levels.”

Sustainability is defined by the UN as the ability to live by the means of the planet’s natural resources without compromising the future. Climate change is real and we all need to step up our efforts and rethink our processes and practices. In the years to come companies that are best at adapting to change will achieve the greatest benefits. We work on a continuous basis to reduce our environmental footprint. Conducting a sustainable business not only brings benefits for us, but also for our customers, many of whom have high environmental goals.

Change through innovation

Already in the year 1988, we introduced the chlorine-free paper ”Strålfors noll” to reduce our chemical use and in 1997 we were one of the first companies licensed to the Nordic Eco Label. We believe that smarter and more efficient communication services are an enabler for a cleaner future. We are already seeing the reduced environmental impact for our customers through digitization and reduced print volumes.

We transform our customers’ communication for generations to come

PostNord Stralfors vision is to transform customers’ communication for generations to come. We know what we talk about. Change is in our DNA. We have 100 years of experience of continous transformation to lean on. To be relevant in the future, we must be sustainable in our development. It is essential both when it comes to solutions, customer relationships, employee and leadership, finances, the environment, and our social responsibility.

We create value for our customers through Smarter Communication in Omnichannel

Today all successful communication is consumer-driven. Consumers want to decide for themselves how, when and with whom they communicate. We deliver Omnichannel to offer the best way to interact with customers regardless of their preferences, attitudes and digital maturity. Our strategy and our business model are designed to increase value for us and our customers. The benefits are clear; stronger customer loyalty, increased sales, growth in new customers and increased efficiency

PostNord Strålfors carries a great responsibility in reducing environmental impact and being part of the transition to a more sustainable society.

PostNord Strålfors strives at all times to increase capacity utilization in its physical and digital production by optimize processes flows, material use, waste and transportation according to the Lean methodology. Being a leader in physical and digital communication and providing high-level solution and services to our customers creates a great responsibility for the environment. With long-term experience of systematic environmental work, PostNord Strålfors have establish a high level of awareness and a stable platform for further development towards higher sustainability goals.

Veritas is a pension insurer for entrepreneurs – with a human touch.

Veritas’ vision is to offer personalized service geared toward entrepreneurs – with us, this is possible! We offer personal service and take our customers’ needs into consideration. Our services make the everyday business of entrepreneurs easier.

Veritas’ mission is to serve as the pension insurer for entrepreneurs. We serve with a focus on the individual and a human touch, whether in person or online. We want to provide the best possible customer experience and act as the entrepreneur’s voice in pension matters.

We are in this program, because of our values; that we are boldly and sincerely ourselves, but like to constantly improve and commit to the entrepreneurial spirit.

We are a part of the world’s best pension system and we extensively consider responsibility factors, in other words, perspectives associated with the environment (E), society and social factors (S) as well as good governance.

We are looking for


  • We are looking for developers, designers and innovators to join the program and to bring their concepts, ideas and expertise to the table.
  • You could be a fintech, tech company, a developer team or an individual that wants to work together with our reputable partners.
  • This is an opportunity to develop and sell your ideas and services, get real feedback, and to establish a long-lasting partnership.


  • We’re looking for financial institutions and service providers who work in the financial services industry and are seeking new innovations and partners.
  • We’re searching for sustainability and technology specialists, as well as impact-related businesses, interested in supporting co-creation between our partners and developers.
  • This is an opportunity to collaborate with top innovators in an open innovation environment to create new services.


1. Discovery & Evaluation

In February-March we discover suitable participants for the program

If you are interested in developing tomorrow’s sustainable finance together with the leading financial institutions, send your application or get in touch

Together with the partners, we pick the suitable participants who are then matched with the partners

The participants get introduced to the partner companies and their goals, and the partners to the participants’ ideas and teams

2. Iteration

The iteration period on April-May consists of several sessions where the participants and partners review and develop the concepts

During the iteration sessions, the teams will also receive external coaching and support

The goal of the iteration period is to validate the business ideas and to create a proof-of-concept that would be realistic to implement in terms of business, technology and legal matters

3. Selection

After the iteration period in May, the partners will select the solutions to proceed with

The terms regarding IPR, financing, and technology are agreed individually case by case

The number of solutions selected can vary

4. Execution

The execution period is to bring the solutions created during the program live

The implementation can be done by the participant, partner, or a third party

Enfuce as a regulated provider can be utilized as a platform


The main partners for the program are the Finnish bank Aktia, Nordic communications solution provider PostNord Strålfors and the Finnish pension insurance company Veritas.

Get to know the companies over here.

We are looking for innovators, designers and developers, who are interested in working around the sustainability theme with the partners mentioned above. They can be fintechs, tech companies, developer teams or individuals.

If you join as an individual you should be able to team up with an organization for the later stage. The program will help you with that.

Unlike in common competition like partnership programs, we are not looking for a winner, we are looking for real collaboration cases, to be brought into real life.

The process consists of 4 stages. Read more about them here.

The program is designed to be virtual. We encourage companies outside of Finland, especially from Northern Europe to join.

The partners operate in Finland, so the end results should comply with the local legislation.

As an experienced and regulated financial technology provider, Enfuce is there to support and facilitate the process, so that the created solutions would be possible to implement in real life as well.

Enfuce’s platform can be utilized to implement the solution, but it is not mandatory.

The solutions in this program can be either based on existing solutions or be completely new.

However, this is not a product pitch. The existing solutions will be developed further together with the partners.

By joining the program, you do not give up any intellectual property rights.

If your solution is selected for further development, the terms regarding IPR and other aspects will be separately negotiated with the partner.

The program is not about winning or prizes, it’s about creating real partnerships.

There can be several solutions to be implemented into the production stage or none.

By joining, you get to work with our outstanding partners, get real feedback and to develop and sell your ideas and services.

Apply or get in touch

Janne Salminen

Fintech Farm
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Partner contacts

Monika Liikamaa

CEO & Co-Founder
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Kim Alen

Head of Fintech partnerships
[email protected]

Sami Niininen

Head of Business Development
PostNord Strålfors
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Anders Dahlqvist

Chief Process Officer
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