Helsinki Fintech Guide 2019

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Helsinki Fintech Guide is an annual publication about the Finnish fintech industry. It is an industry handbook containing data, insights and stories from the financial technology industry in Finland.



Exploring the Fintech Landscape
Finnish fintech companies in numbers. Categories, revenue, founding year, investments and employees.

Learning From the Finnish Fintech Survey
Key findings from the survey that focused on the fintechs’ growth ambitions and the four key pillars of the supporting ecosystem: (1) Access to risk capital, (2) collaboration opportunities, (3) human resources, and (4) the regulatory environment.

Finnish Fintechs Go International
Fellow Finance and LVS Brokers are going strong in Poland. Why and how?

Jenny Goes International With Foreign Funding
GetJenny received recently 2 million in seed funding for expansion to the Nordic countries and the Middle Eastern and North African Region

Partnering Strategy for Innovation
Nordics’ largest bank Nordea is utilizing various collaboration tactics to deliver the best to their customers.

Evolving Fintech Regulation in Finland
The importance of fintech regulation is growing. Today, most of the fintech related regulation in Finland originates from the European Union. How are the implementation and importance of various directives?