Innovation Programs

Powering corporate innovation

Innovation equals new value and competitiveness. The ability to find new ideas, and turn them into new products and services in a reliable and cost-effective way, means less direct competition facing you tomorrow.

Power corporate innovation with our open innovation ecosystem

Open and closed innovation can work in partnership. Leveraging external networks and existing platforms is smart and efficient use of resources and can be done with 100% confidentiality.

  • After organizing and participating in various programs and hackathons, we have discovered the common pitfalls and gained the expertise to build turnkey solutions for companies to speed up their innovation.
  • We build innovation programs – closed and open, online and offline, from short sprints to year-round solutions.
  • Through our global network, we are able to bring the most sustainable innovators together and provide you with your own innovation ecosystem.
  • Whether the process is just getting started or is already up and running, we’ll have the right partner in place to bring credibility, knowledge, and networks to the table.

Are you interested in developing digital services in a new way?

Areas where we can help you with our experience, networks and know-how of innovating like a startup:

Do you:

  1. Have an existing innovation program and want more external influence
  2. Want an internal innovation program and want someone to guide us
  3. Want to be part of an open innovation program to build networks and courage
  4. Want to work closer with startups to learn and transform your corporate culture
  5. Want to organize your own acceleration program to invest strategically in innovative companies
  6. Want to invest in startups

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