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Biggest fintech companies and startups in Finland in 2018

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With autumn around the corner and the financials from 2018 finally out, we decided it was time to update our last year’s listing of the largest fintech companies and startups in Finland. Following the tradition, our listing is divided into two categories: the first one, companies, covers the more established fintechs while Startups is made of companies that have been established in 2014 or later.

The top 4 fintech companies for 2018 remain the same as in 2017, with Ferratum leading the pack clearly. However, the rest of the list is nowhere near as static, as we have 5 newbies this year. LocalBitcoins is the first cryptocurrency company to make the list however majority of the larger companies still focus on financing and financial software. Overall our top 20 companies witnessed an impressive 46% growth in revenues. Companies such as Smartum and LVS Brokers approximately quadrupled their revenues. 

Enfuce is currently the largest fintech startup in Finland with revenues in 2018 adding up to over 4M€. Overall the Startup side of the list looks mightily different this year, with only 8 of last year’s companies being included. Majority of the change is caused by the fintech’s maturing within our categorisations so some of them have been moved to the company side of things, with Fellow Finance shining bright as the 13th largest fintech Company in Finland now. Out of the top 10 startups, 5 were established only in 2017 making us extremely excited for their future. The companies on the startup list are more varied in regards to their focus areas but we can clearly see the importance of data & analytics, as 25% of the featured companies create data analytics solutions.  

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