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Biggest fintech companies and startups in Finland in 2017

Updated numbers can be found on our page Fintech Landscape.

We published a few months ago the Finnish Fintech Landscape, where we categorized the nearly 150 companies in the industry. We now have listed those companies based on their revenue.

Our earlier finding was, that approximately half of the financial technology companies in Finland were founded during the last five years. Therefore we have two listings: One of all the companies starting from Ferratum who holds a banking license but defines themselves as a fintech,  and one of the startups – fintech companies that have been founded since 2013.

Getting the cash flow up and running in a fintech startup is slow. Many of the companies still depend completely on external funding as they are working with their technology, compliance and customer base. Because of that, funding might be a more relevant measure for a  modern-day technology startup than the actual revenue. That is why we are looking to also publish listings based on fintech investments as well.

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