Enable Banking


Enable Banking is the second generation Open Banking provider with a strong privacy policy, to never touch or work with any of the data of its customers or customers’ customers. Our API connects you to over 2700 banks across Europe. We enable you to build the next generation of financial services with Open Banking solely built on APIs

We offer Account Information Services (AIS) in more than 25 countries across Europe and Payment Initiations Services (PIS) in Northern Europe.

Try us through our demo tool at https://tilisy.com/en/

What makes us different:

– We work only with the public PSD2 APIs
– We never store or use any data, but work as a Fedex for your deliveries
– We aim to be the Intel sticker of your laptop, powering you with great processes.

Website: https://enablebanking.com/

Special Offer for Fintech Farm Members

Enable Banking offers a 45 min Open Banking consultancy where we share the latest use cases possible in the field and how they can help to boost your business growth.

Please do not hesitate to reach out our Fintech Farm contacts.


Fadi Pola

Open Banking Specialist

[email protected]