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New additions to our fintech tribe – ResultElf and

Warm welcome to our newest members! We foster over 100 finest fintech companies and the best people in the biz. Our community is made of fintechs, banks, service providers and investors brought together to network, develop and co-create.

Fintech Farm and its partners are here to help you grow and scale your business. As our member you will be able to enjoy free mentoring, advice, and services from the best in the field, as well as utilize our extensive network to promote your latest news.

Newest additions to our tribe


ResultElf helps consumer loan brokers, lenders and collection agencies make more profit. We do this by our advanced AI decision algorithms that steer and individualize your day to day processes hosted on our platform Elf Engine. Think you’re under-utilizing internal and external data in the space of customer acquisition, risk decisioning, collection and retention? Come and see how companies generate a minimum of 7.1X ROI in the first six month working with ResultElf. Website | LinkedIn Tell me more is a Finnish crowdfunding service, founded in the Fall 2012. Its purpose is to promote Finnish cultural, social and business sectors. Our service allows any individual, group, company or others organization to publish their projects and apply for funding. Funders can also be private people and organizations. We perceive Finnish companies, NGO’s and public sector institutions as our partners. We do share the same goals of promoting and fueling Finnish economy and society. This is why we have opened a crowdfunding product aimed at organizations and businesses called Mesenaatti.PRO. Website | Facebook | Instagram

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