English Fintech of the Year News

5 Finnish Fintechs Changing the Banking Industry

Fintech Farm is handing out its annual Fintech of the Year award to highlight the excellent work fintech companies in Finland do.

We have selected 5 exciting companies that are here to change the industry.

The finals will be held at our upcoming after-work event hosted by Siili Solutions on January 25th.

Each finalist will be pitching to our jury, which consists of:

Mikko Ayub, Board Professional and seasoned banking executive
Harry Brade, Investor and Board Professional
Juha Volotinen, CIO at Municipality Finance

The jury will pay especially attention to the following aspects:

MISSION – How is the company reshaping the financial industry?
SCALABILITY – What’s the current growth rate and potential of the company?
IMPACT – What’s the impact of the company on society and the environment?


Read more about these five revolutionary companies below:

Enable Banking

Solution: Next-generation Open Banking connectivity provider
Founded: 2019
Employee count: 15
Total funding: 600K€
Latest round: 600K€ (2022)
Revenue 22: 204K€
Revenue growth 21-22: 127%
Profit 22: -254K€



Solution: AI-powered Automation of Securities Life-cycle
Founded: 2017
Employee count: 30
Total funding: 1.1M€
Latest round: 1M€ (2021)
Revenue 22: 1.3M€
Revenue growth 21-22: 95%
Profit 22: -269K€



Solution: API first banking for the digital age
Founded: 2021
Employee count: 10
Total funding: 550K€
Latest round: 550K€ (2022)
Revenue 22: 117K€
Revenue growth 21-22: 3800%
Profit 22: 54K€



Solution: Financial comparison platform
Founded: 2018
Customers: Consumers, companies, banks and financial institutions
Employees: 16
Revenue 2022: 5,7M€
Revenue growth 2021-2022: 169%



Solution: Freelancer & SME invoicing and accounting
Founded: 2012
Employee count: 100
Total funding: no external funding
Revenue 22: 10M€
Revenue growth 21-22: 18%
Profit 22: 2.1M€