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Finnish fintech companies with most investments

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Last year we ranked the Finnish fintechs by their revenue. Now we have gathered their funding information. However, not all of the funding rounds, including most of the seed rounds, are public information, so the list is not absolute. If you have any funding information to add, please get in touch.

Fintech investments in Finland

Most of the fintech companies in Finland are non-funded or operate with smaller seed funding commonly from Tekes or angel investors. Only a handful from the nearly 200 fintech companies has gathered more than a million euros in investments.

The top funded company is Mash after running a 50M€ funding round in October 2018. The second most investments have been gathered by Ferratum, as it got listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange, as its first fintech company in 2015.

Other already listed companies are the First North Helsinki newcomer Fellow Finance, Heeros and Basware, which got listed already in 2000.

From the top 25 companies Prasos, Invesdor, Heeros and Klever have executed funding rounds on the Invesdor crowdfunding platform.

We are working with our Nordic colleagues to get accurate comparable data from the other Nordic countries.

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