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Fintech Farm Helsinki and Social Enterprise Ghana Form Partnership to Bridge Fintech Development in Africa and EU

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HELSINKI, FINLAND – October 22, 2021

Today, we are pleased to announce that Fintech Farm Helsinki has entered into an agreement with Social Enterprise Ghana (SE Ghana) to push fintech development in Ghana and across Africa to a new level by promoting active collaboration between banks, technology companies, startups and regulators from different countries across the two continents. SE Ghana is a network of about 752 high-impact social entrepreneurs and 16 hubs supporting the development of the social enterprise ecosystem in Ghana through policy, advocacy, training and skills development and connecting members to market and finance.

As part of the partnership, Fintech Farm Helsinki and Social Enterprise Ghana will arrange joint activities and knowledge sharing to drive the development of the fintech sector in Ghana and Africa as a whole. This partnership will help bridge the gap between fintech startups in Ghana, Africa, EU and the Nordics and ultimately build Ghana as the springboard for fintech hubs across Africa.

Key activities will include the formation of an incubation program for fintech startups, an annual high level conference between finance professionals, policymakers and technology companies and deal flow collaboration to attract overseas venture capital investments. 

The fintech industry in Ghana and Africa has seen a 360% increase in investment and growth numbers with huge interest and potential. We see our partnership with Fintech Farm Helsinki as a strategic one to develop new innovative financial products in Africa and drive inclusive financial services to serve the needs of the underserved and vulnerable communities necessary for shared prosperity, noted Edwin Zu-Cudjoe, Executive Director of Social Enterprise Ghana

Finance is an extremely challenging field to innovate in and even more challenging for startups to enter into. Fintech hubs can produce unparalleled value for ecosystems in bridging the gap between innovators, new technology, financial institutions and regulators. Fintech hubs act as real ecosystem accelerators and combining forces across continents and countries produce unique value for global actors to emerge. We are extremely excited and proud to start the next chapter for Fintech Farm and collaboration between EU and Africa, noted Ola Sundell, Board Chair of Fintech Farm

About Fintech Farm Helsinki

Fintech Farm is a financial technology hub and a digital finance service company connecting banks, fintech companies and service providers. Fintech Farm provides innovation, consulting, acceleration, matchmaking, and training services for the financial industry. Fintech Farm Ltd. is privately held and has built a vibrant community of over 200 financial industry organizations since 2016.

For more information about Fintech Farm visit https://www.helsinkifintech.fi/

About Social Enterprise Ghana

SE Ghana is the national network of high-impact social entrepreneurs in Ghana. The goal of SE Ghana is to organize and develop a strong ecosystem for the social enterprise sector by increasing funding, driving policy, intensifying learning and innovation and ensuring that there is adequate research and data on the sector. Social Enterprise Ghana has a goal of increasing funding to social enterprises by catalyzing $1billion dollars for social enterprises in Ghana by 2030.

For more information about SE Ghana visit https://seghana.net/

For more information about the project, contact:

Ola Sundell (Helsinki Fintech Farm) at [email protected]  

Edwin Zu-Cudjoe (Social Enterprise Ghana) at [email protected]


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