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Fintech Farm Podcast 4: Subscription-based business models

In this Fintech Farm podcast episode, we discuss subscription-based business models. Recently, even companies like Iittala have started offering subscription-based services so we were interested to find out, what is required to create a truly successful new subscription-based service. To do this, we sat down with Oscar Nöjd from Samsung, Susanne Yirtici from BNP Paribas Personal Finance Nordic, and Fredrik Ulvenholm from Vilja Solutions to discuss how they delivered Samsung’s new Upgrade Plus service.

Samsung Upgrade Plus, which is available now in Sweden, Norway and Denmark allows users to pay a fixed monthly fee for a phone and through this, users get to upgrade their mobile once a year to a newer model.

Listen to the podcast to know more about the service and the technology and financial partners required to make it possible and to find out the reason, why the service is not available in Finland now. There might be an opportunity there!