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Fintech Farm welcomes new members

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A warm welcome to our newest members

We’re delighted to introduce our 3 new members: Draivi, Lintu, and Zenny!


Draivi is an industry-leading performance marketing company specializing in the fintech industry. We strive to be ‘business unusual’. This means constantly challenging traditional methods, being experimental, and maintaining an unwavering focus on measurable results. Our partners see value in long-term collaborations and mutual growth, underpinned by trust and transparency. We deliver high-quality customers directly to the business. With operations in Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Spain and South Africa, we’re continually expanding our footprint and our partners’ potential.

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Lintu is an independent fintech platform. Lintu develops a deep modern portfolio, including alternative investments in one click. It allows balancing risk-profit and personal strategy based on an internal parametrical model. Lintu is “” for retail investors.



Zenny helps e-commerce merchants bridge the gap between fast-paced e-commerce business and old-school accounting by making all the key metrics from all the most important sources available in real-time. Zenny consolidates all the important financial data from sources such as e-commerce platforms, banks, credit cards, and accounting tools, and presents all the critical data in one easy-to-use dashboard. E-commerce merchants use Zenny to be able to forecast cash flow based on actual real-time data, and to understand and forecast the P&L faster. To put it short, Zenny helps e-commerce merchants build better businesses.



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