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Fintech Farm welcomes new members

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A warm welcome to our newest members

We’re delighted to introduce our 4 new members: Emittor, Beatmarket, Kateetti, and Mepay!


Money markets need transparency. Issuers want to know and target their investors while investors want to access a large pool of issuers. It goes without saying that investors and issuers want to see fully transparent pricing. This is why we created the Emittor platform. The platform connects professional investors and issuers directly together and opens a new, transparent money market.



IT platform and mobile app for investment portfolio analysis

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Kateetti offers online payment, financing, online sales solutions, and APIs for Auto Industry. Auto dealers, importers, and OEMs have several requirements from legislation, financing companies, and brands for ensuring a proper online sales experience for end customers. Kateetti offers APIs and solutions ensuring all of them are met. Owner Tero Tähtinen has over 20 years of experience in automotive IT solutions from factory to end customers and has built and sold the most used DMS (Dealer Management System) in Finland to Alma Media.



Mepay Oy enables consumers to make unattended vends and cashless payments using the mePay app by scanning a QR code on the vending machine. The consumer can also follow transaction history using the app or by login into the MY MEPAY portalMepay Oy offers Merchants a method to sell products in a self-service environment. Mepay Oy reports to the Finnish FIN-FSA Financial Supervisory Authority.

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