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Helsinki Fintech Farm’s new Community & Event Manager Johanna is a tech-savvy humanist

In September Helsinki Fintech Farm got a new Community & Event Manager Johanna Lohiluoma. She wears many hats from content creation to customer service and from PR to event management. She is familiar to helping communities to stay one step ahead.

Best part of my job is getting know the biz and the people. I have a vast experience in HR, marketing, communications and naturally working closely with people in my network. I enjoy the fast pace of my job and when no two days are the same, says Johanna.

Why Helsinki Fintech Farm?

Fintech Farm community is made of fintechs, banks, service providers and investors. The environment is quite different for a humanist that has been working in education and communications.

Well, it`s not that different. Tech people are humans too, she says and laughs.

Fintechs interest me for various reasons. I`m intrigued by innovative nature of start-ups and the ever-changing dynamics of the industry. For the past two weeks I have been getting to know you all. I have made unexpected finds and I have happily realized how broad the field is. I`m looking forward to meeting you all and hearing your thoughts and wishes. she continues.

Building the community

Community Manager is here to help you. If you want to write to our blog, need to find the latest news, want to have a quality training or a fintech prkl! -meeting with the industry people (or any other community serving crazy idea), Johanna is the one to call.

Let`s make things happen! I strongly believe my most important job is to help others succeed, Johanna replies.

Johanna has one more ace up her sleeve:

My previous jobs have given me perspective and valuable connections to marketing and communications agencies. So, if you ever need one, I`m happy to connect you, says Johanna.


Get in touch:

Johanna Lohiluoma
Community & Event Manager
[email protected]