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Helsinki Fintech Guide is coming again in June 2020

Helsinki Fintech Guide is an annual publication about fintech and digital finance in Finland, published by Helsinki Fintech Farm.

Launched for the first time in June 2019, it has the latest research and findings from the Finnish fintech landscape, together with interesting insights and industry articles. Helsinki Fintech Guide will dive into topics such as financial regulation, cloud banking, open banking and startup success stories.

Audience: Decision-makers in the financial and fintech industry in Finland and globally.

Reach: 500 print copies to be shared in related events. Distributed via email to 5000 industry experts. Available online with a global reach.

Publisher: Helsinki Fintech Farm / Hub13 Oy, Sofiankatu 4 C, 00170 Helsinki.

Chief Editor: Emmi-Julia Tiitta, Community Manager at Fintech Farm, [email protected]

Partners and Advertising: Emmi-Julia Tiitta ([email protected]) and Janne Salminen ([email protected])

Graphic Design and Editor: Anna Yli-Savola, Ghocon, [email protected]

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