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Meet our new team member

We are happy to introduce our new team member Katariina Palvas.

She has started as our Operations & Partner Manager, focusing especially on developing new services for our community startups, providing world-class fintech deal flow from Finland, and forming mutually beneficial partnerships accelerating fintech companies’ impact on a global scale in the financial sector.

She has previous experience from industrial sector managing projects related to startup collaboration and corporate innovation programs. Previously she has also worked with international VC investors by providing deal flow of Finnish startups. Katariina has enjoyed planning and negotiating new business partnerships in international settings to create greater positive impact for both parties.

“What comes to creating startups business opportunities, I think the best possible scenario for successful startup collaboration is that the industry partner has internally concrete processes and funding allocated for that, to generate real business value and fair win-win outcome for startup as well. When there is a clear, jointly agreed end goal and when both parties value each other’s strengths, more than just a buzz can happen.

Fintech interests me for numerous reasons. One of them is that I love how innovative tech startups are currently enabling very personalized and customer-centric solutions in a very regulated industry. Even many people might say fintech is challenging traditional banks’ business, I would like to focus on the aspect of creating mutual beneficial collaboration. New innovations in financial sector are only a positive thing because if that serves customers’ needs more purposefully, that is something to embrace.

Personally, I am both new and old school; my investments vary from ETFs to crypto. I am open for fruitful debate about these subjects!

Lastly, I am extremely excited to join Helsinki Fintech Farm and get to know as many of you, dear members, and community partners as possible. Startups, investors, and potential partners, reach out to me so we can find the best way to work together!”


Get in touch:

Katariina Palvas
Operations & Partner Manager
[email protected]