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Fintech Farm welcomes 2 new members

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Warm welcome to our newest members

We’re delighted to introduce our two new members: Uhma Solutions & Ovoro!

Uhma Solutions

Uhma Solutions is a development partner for finance professionals and asset managers. Uhma combines industry knowledge with technology understanding to help financial industry professionals reach their development goals. Their mission is to bring professional talent and resources available to every financial organization.

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Ovoro is a platform that was born to make crypto investing much easier and overcome all those barriers to buying cryptocurrencies. We simplify the process and make it understandable for everybody. Our mission is to democratize crypto markets by making the procedure simple, safe, transparent and accessible to everyone everywhere. Our users can trade with simulated money and learn the basics of crypto investing. The values in the app reflect real-world markets so they can see how their investments would have behaved with real money. Learn how to invest safely in crypto without the hassle of making losses. Crypto market accessible for everyone!

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