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Nordic Fintech Summit Driving Growth

From 2024 onwards the Nordic Fintech Summit (NFS) is taking on a new course and building on a new layer. Experienced visitors will notice the renewed brand, but we’re not just making visual changes, we’re renewing our entire story and identity. Not all at once, but gradually.

The aim is still of course to bring every year more and more innovative finance people together around the best speaker line-up and most fun pre and afterparties in Nordics and Baltics, but we always knew we wanted to go beyond. What does beyond then mean? 

Firstly, we want to truly integrate Baltics to our family and make this the official New Nordic fintech event. Secondly, we aim to look beyond the region all together and focus on the one thing that truly matters: sustainable growth. 

Fintech has emerged as the universal growth formula for not just the financial services industry, but for innovative enterprises across all sectors. Our two main tracks Future Rails and Growth Gateways reflect this in that they take somewhat opposing views on fintech driving growth. Firstly from a digital banking and seasoned industry CTO perspective with heavy legacy and regulatory rails to manage, and secondly from a digital payments and fintech-as-a-service perspective on how finance gets embedded to other sectors fueling their growth.

In other words, we don’t just set the stage for a tighter regional connectivity, but we want to be the leading global forum exploring fintech driving growth. Finally, and to truly drive home our commitment to fintech and growth, we’re taking concrete steps to start accelerating startups. The more an industry has startups rethinking old ways of doing things, the more dynamic and interesting it is for talent, and the more opportunities for innovation and growth it will offer everyone involved. Innovation and growth are not zero sum games, but paths to escape velocity regardless of company size or age. The common denominator is a digital growth mindset.

So, starting from 2024, we will invite the most promising teams from across different regions to our pre-event bootcamp where we together with our speakers and partners coach them from strategy and market entry to platforms and compliance. The teams will also be present in Helsinki at our event on May 15th and 16th to meet potential customers, partners and investors.

Precisely for this purpose, we’ve signed two leading European fintech figures as our resident keynote speakers. In addition to taking the stage at the next Nordic Fintech Summit, our lead speakers will be embedded into our acceleration service, tapping into their enormous pool of international connections and know-how.If you are anywhere as near enthusiastic as us about fintech and the future of finance you will recognise our Lead Keynote Speakers Anna Maj and Linas Beliūnas. Nordic Fintech Summit will be the first on-stage appearance for both in the Nordics.

The unique thing about events like Nordic Fintech Summit is that they bring so much experience, knowledge and connections under one roof. This is an opportunity we seriously want to start growing intelligently, benefiting the industry as a whole and in particular the ones that need it most. 

We see fintech emerging as the universal force driving sustainable growth – not just in finance but across all sectors. We celebrate this every May at the Nordic Fintech Summit – please join us and our global fintech driving sustainable growth cause again on May 16th!


  • 700+ industry decision-makers
  • 60+ international speakers
  • 30+ innovative exhibitors
  • 36+ hours of inspiration and fun