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Swedish Cloud-Based Core Banking Platform Entering the Finnish Market

With 15 Swedish banks and financial companies already using our state-of-the-art cloud-based core banking platform, we decided to venture in entering the Finnish market. It is evident there is also a need in Finland for a modern bank solution delivered as a Service. We want to help banks and financial institutions in Finland to rapidly deliver business value in a constantly changing market.

OPR Finance is our first large FinTech customer in Finland, and a proof of the scalability and stability of our solution. The platform was successfully implemented for their Finnish operation in less than two months.

Jouni Selin, CEO at OPR Finance, explains

“There are multiple reasons for us to choose Leandev, but the two main reasons are that we need a modern futureproof solution that allows us to rapidly grow in new markets and launch new products, and at the same time stay compliant”

Fredrik Ulvenholm, CEO at LeanDev, says

“We are excited that we got the trust from OPR to help them succeed moving to the Cloud. Our Financial Platform offers our customers the quickest time to market, extensive self-service capabilities and excellent end-user experience”

There are a lot of disruption going on in the banking industry in Finland where many innovative FinTech companies strive to add value to the end customers and increase their market shares. By choosing the cloud-based approach you will be able to innovate at a higher pace with lower costs and quicker time to market. The customers are already digital and want to have a superior customer experience also online. We want to help the banks to succeed.

LeanDev is a leading provider of cloud-based core banking solutions. Our future-proof platform with extensive self-service capabilities, open APIs and the quickest time to market allow our customers to create and launch new revenue streams. LeanDev is the modern cloud alternative to complex and costly traditional core banking solutions. Read more about Leandev