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Welcome to Helsinki – Nordic’s Premier Fintech Fest

Up here in the north, we work hard but also play hard. Do you think you have what it takes? Only one way to find out!


But seriously, at Fintech Farm we take both work and party seriously. Because that is the essence of doing business in the north. We won’t lie about it. We’re stuck in the cold, wet, and dark, but we also know how to make the best out of it.

Spring is a truly special time up north. It’s a genuinely inspiring and rejuvenating experience as we all feel born again.

It is the time when northerners wake up from a 6-month mental slump and physical suffering. We need to make up for the lost time and we invite you to do it with us. Just like last year but a little bigger and wilder. 

Yes, everything at Nordic Fintech Summit starts just like most events. But this event doesn’t end where most events end. After a day packed with insightful talks by industry leaders, and real deal-making among the 600+ participants and 25+ partners, we truly ignite the fintech community better than anywhere else.

At 4 PM we start with Fintech Fika where you can grab a beer and join the company of anybody from a talkative Swede to a mute Finn.

At 8 PM the second round kicks off with Fintech Hygge at the Nordic Fintech Summit official after-party. This is your opportunity to embarrass yourself and your colleagues with some aggressive off-tone singing.

By midnight, the party transforms into Fintech Kalsarikännit. Enough said. Nordic Fintech Summit is your opportunity to be super productive and make real friends all in one day and one night.

So don’t worry, we will impress you with a day packed with top names from top companies filling our two stages and four tracks, but we’re not leaving it there as you can see.

Welcome to our show.

Welcome to Nordic’s Premier Fintech Fest!