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Fintech Farm launches new program, partnerships and event

Today, we are pleased to introduce Fintech Farm’s new look, partners, services and event!

Since 2016, our goal has been to create a growth and innovation platform for fintech companies and financial institutions. We have got to witness great success stories up close, work with leading companies in the field, and be part of an active Nordic fintech community.

However, in a market the size of Finland and the Nordics, going global is almost invariably a lifeline for fintech companies, so we are pleased to present our new international partners and our new Deal Flow program.

In addition to our existing partners, we are now joined by Visa, the payment technology giant, Citi which is one of the largest banks in the world and NRI, a Japanese consulting house. Through these new, exciting partnerships, we can provide domestic fintechs with an even larger network and new resources for international growth.

The Deal Flow program is a financing and customer acquisition program developed for growth-oriented fintechs, with the aim of exporting Finnish fintech know-how to the world and bringing capital investments to Finland. The needs and offering of companies participating in the Deal Flow program are mapped, after which they gain visibility, coaching and access to our network and events.

On November 3rd, we bring a completely new event to Helsinki as we organize the Nordic Fintech Summit, which is Finland’s largest digital finance and fintech event to date. Its purpose is to bring together the traditional financial sector and fintechs, as well as to fill the gap left by the lack of Slush this year to the sector. Our November event will cover current topics such as sustainability and the coronavirus, and will consist of 4 tracks: Strategy & Disruption, Core & Cloud Banking, Payments & Commerce and Fintech & Transformation.

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