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Fintech Farm Podcast 5: Financial Crime

Podcast_Katja&Jani Bearingpoint

It is podcast time again and for this episode, we sat down with Jani Ristimäki and Katja Mäkelä from Bearing Point to discuss Financial Crime. Katja is a Senior Business Advisor in their Financial Services unit, with a focus on non-financial risk management and increasing operational excellence while Jani is the Head of Data & Analytics. Considering their roles, we of course discussed RegTech and compliance, but with a focus on the current FinCrime reality and how technology can be used to increase efficiency.

Listen to the podcast to know more about the opportunities advanced technologies can bring to FinCrime operations and how to choose the best technology for your organizational maturity.

This is also a great time to start thinking of regtech more, as in only 5 months time it is Regtech day again! Give us a shout if you have topics in mind you really want to have covered in the event!