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Fintech of the Year 2020

Since 2018, we have been awarding the Revolutionary Fintech of the Year in Finland, to give credit and visibility to the outstanding financial technology companies we have in our country.

In 2018 Enfuce, Fundu, Holvi, Mash and Moni did their ways to the finals, where Enfuce took the win.

In 2019, the finalists were Bankify, Coloudasset, Invesdor, Mash, Prasos and Tomorrow Tech, of which Cloudasset was the winner.

Once again, we are looking for the most Revolutionary Finnish fintech company. The first phase is a public poll to identify the most interesting candidates by November 19th.

The finalists get to pitch at the world’s largest fintech event’s Singapore Fintech Week’s satellite event in Helsinki on December 9th, and the winner will be announced at the end of the day.

Vote for your favorite company over here.

Due to our rules, last year’s awesome winner CloudAsset P3’s participation is restricted for 2020-2021. Also, the first winner, Enfuce, is restricted from participating still for this year.