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Revolutionary Fintech of the Year 2019 is Cloudasset

As part of the Future Digital Finance forum, Helsinki Fintech Farm organised the Revolutionary Fintech of the year final with the purpose of identifying the most innovative and scalable company for 2019. In 2018 the winner was Enfuce, an innovative forerunner in payments and cloud-based financial services. As last years winner, Enfuce was not allowed to participate in the competition this year.

The search for candidates launched in September and based on nominations from the public, Bankify, Cloudasset, Invesdor, Mash, Prasos and Tomorrow Tech were selected as the 6 finalists. To read more on the finalists, see our previous post here.

During the event, the finalists were given a chance to pitch on stage to our prestigious group of judges: Jupe Arala from Vendep Capital, Sami Toivoniemi from Deloitte and Isobel Nordström from Citi. The judges were chosen to represent various industry groups to ensure a wide range of opinions were considered. They also received material on each company prior to the stage appearances.

Following the pitches, the judges stepped aside to decide on the winner. The decision clearly was not easy and they ended up taking even some overtime to decide. Finally, Isobel Nordström from Citi introduced the winner, naming the criteria to choose the winner as: vision, entrepreneurship, innovation, scalability and the level of disruption.

We are supper excited to announce that the most revolutionary Fintech of the year 2019 is Cloudasset. This cloud native company creates platforms for digital payments, Big Data, social and mobile technologies to allow their clients provide unique solutions addressing the challenges of the new digital economy. They also have a proven track record of global large scale projects. Congratulations Cloudasset!

The winning company received an award and a chance for international exposure through an opportunity to make a name for themselves in Stockholm Fintech Week. Helsinki Fintech Farm congratulates the winning company and recommends all the readers to follow Cloudasset and the other finalists on their journey to fintech success.