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Time to transform: How the oldest P2P lender in the Nordics has adapted for change.

Rapid advances in technology have led to the concept of a ubiquitous shared economy, which has spread to almost all areas of our lives. Hospitality, transportation and personal finance alike have seen shifts thanks to the rise of innovation and modern digital capabilities. Inspired by this change, organisations are entering their respective markets equipped with the fast and flexible tools needed to act as a connector between customers and the services they need.

To make this possible, banking platforms like Mambu are offering banks and financial institutions a true SaaS cloud solution which allows for independent components and systems to be assembled in any configuration to meet the ever-changing demands of customers. An extensive partner ecosystem provides unrivalled vendor flexibility to help build modern digital financial products faster, securely and cost-effectively.

One example is Fixura, the first P2P lender in the Nordics created by a team of three based in Vaasa. After a few successful years in business, Fixura had experienced rapid growth and recognised it was time to scale the business further. To do this, it was crucial for the team to identify key technology trends which could be adopted to help with faster product development and time to market.

The need for digital evolution

Operating on a legacy banking infrastructure posed challenges. With an internally-built system, changes and adaptations were difficult to make, preventing low cost and low risk scalability. This paired with the unpredictability of today’s financial markets would require extremely accurate scoring and risk models in order to expand.

This made the case in favour of moving to a cloud-native core banking platform, which would provide the agility needed to launch new products and features quickly and seamlessly. Fixura chose Mambu as the partner to help with this transformation, and launched with their core platform in March 2020.

Fixura’s new loan product provides a clear picture of loan applicants’ real economic status. Fixura is the first Nordic lender to utilise the PSD2 (payment services directive) based account information, which helps them build accurate scoring and risk models, helping to mitigate risk and keep the loan default rates low. This strategic foresight truly paid off as they launched the product right in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.



Fixura unites investors and customers in need of financing in a way that mutually benefits both – by offering unique consumer loans with decreasing interest, easy to use investment services and the autoinvest feature.

How Mambu can help you digitally transform

The disruption experienced in the market provides ample opportunity for innovation and makes it essential for big and small players alike to become more agile to adapt to ever changing consumer demands. By leaving behind traditional systems and outdated functions, digital transformation will continue to soar.

Mambu’s unique cloud native and composable approach allows clients to create a tailored platform to meet different business needs and objectives. We enable our customers to build great banking experiences that their customers love; in a faster and more flexible way than ever before. Together, providers like Fixura can create the financial offering they need and are ready for change from the start. Learn more about the advantages of cloud native banking with Mambu.


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