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5 Revolutionary Fintech Companies from Finland

At the end of October, we started the search for the most revolutionary fintech company of 2019 in Finland through a public poll.

We have now picked 5 quite different types of finalists, which are: ReceiptHero, ROI Financial Technologies, Tomorrow Tech, Valega Chain Analytics and Voima Gold.

From these candidates, our jury, consisting of bankers, fintech investors, and other industry experts, will pick the winner in the finals, held at World Fintech Festival in Finland on December 9th.

The jury will pay attention to contestants’ vision, innovation, entrepreneurship and scalability.

Read more about these five revolutionary companies below:
Values are in thousand euros

What: Open digital receipt system that sends digital receipts from point of sale systems to various applications, such as expense tracking and accounting software.
Founded: 2018
CEO: Joel Ojala
Owned by: Founders
Revenue 2019: 1
Profit 2019: -191
Estimated Revenue 2020: 80
Estimated Profit 2020: -500
Employees: 9

ROI Financial Technologies
What: Aiming to disrupt financial wellbeing and investing for under-served groups of consumers.
Founded: 2018
CEO: Ida Mänty
Owned by: Employees and investors
Revenue 2019: 6
Profit 2019: -13
Employees: 8

Tomorrow Tech
What: Digital product studio behind the digital housing trade platform DIAS
Founded: 2016
CEO: Sami Honkonen
Owned by: Employees
Revenue 2019: 1 267
Profit 2019: 27
Employees: 10

Valega Chain Analytics
What: AML Risk & Transaction management solutions for Blockchains
Founded: 2019
CEO: Sven Martinsson
Owned by: Founder and investors
Employees: 15

Voima Gold
What: Gold-based saving & banking services
Founded: 2017
CEO: Marko Viinikka
Owned by: Founders, employees and investors
Revenue 2019: 6 668
Profit 2019: -1 068
Revenue 2020: 20 000
Profit 2020: -1 000
Employees: 21

All the finalists will pitch to our judges and audience in the finals held at World Fintech Festival in Finland on December 9th.